Online Coaching series // How to kick ass in your life and make a difference along the way. 

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In this four week coaching series, we will explore what it is to reclaim our life and step into purpose. Through the process of yoga, self inquiry and community collaboration, we will refine our purpose, confront our blind-spots and transform awareness into power and action. Being a catalyst is calling forth your best self and inspiring other to do the same. It’s time to become the significant, whole and powerful person you have always known yourself to be. Prepare to be catalyzed. Hosted by coaches Kerri Kelly [The Laser]  & Jay Fields [The Real Deal].

September 8 - October 1   Mon & Wed 10 AM PST

INCLUDES // 4 Interactive Lectures, 4 Open Coaching Calls, 4 Catalyst Tools, 3 Home Yoga Practices