I'm Hooked.

I woke up pissed off. And I was tempted to rant this morning. To feed the hurt. To let it encompass me. To celebrate the pain. To spread it around.

Then I read THIS about getting hooked…

“Not only has something evoked a response in me but it is difficult for me to let go. Anger is like that. Prejudice is like that. Critical mindedness is like that. You don’t want to let go. There is something delicious about finding fault with something. And that can be including finding fault with oneself.”


And so while I practice how to get unhooked, I am turning today's practice over to Pema. Here’s a sneak peak…

 “A lot of us are just running around in circles pretending that there is ground when there actually isn’t any ground. And that somehow, if we could learn to not be afraid of groundlessness, not be afraid of insecurity and uncertainty, it would be calling on an inner strength that would allow us to be open and free and loving and compassionate in any situation. But as long as we keep trying to scramble to get ground under our feet and avoid this uneasy feeling of groundlessness and insecurity and uncertainty and ambiguity and paradox, any of that, then the wars will continue. the racial prejudice will continue. You don’t agree their sexual preference, you don’t agree with their religion, you don’t agree with their skin color, you don’t agree with their politics. Whatever… It always continue.”