Your Shadow, by Jay Fields

The key to unlocking your potential is in your shadow. It reminds me of 8th grade art class when I learned how to make a circle into a sphere with shading and then adding a shadow behind it. Do you remember that lesson? I remember it because I could feel it in my body at the time—I remember thinking so that’s how you give something form! That’s how you give it depth.

I share that because we tend to think of the shadow as something negative or shameful, when in fact it’s just the natural consequence of light meeting a form. It’s your very beingness that gives you shadow. It’s the fact that you have a FORM that gives you shadow.

And that’s why it’s such an important part of the type of work that we’re doing that is about embodiment. If you’re going to work from embodiment, you have to address shadow.

Shadow isn’t dark, it’s just what we don’t see or work with consciously. Your shadow isn’t necessarily your anger or lack of confidence or desperation. Your shadow could be your boldness, your strength or your intelligence.

Shadow is what makes you trustworthy. It makes you human and relatable. It gives you and your offering depth—like the sphere. 

Ready to meet and work with your shadow?


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