We lost a good friend this week.


Marco was a bright light. He lit up a room when he entered it. He fed our souls. Let us win at soccer. Showed us what it was to be a great father, a loving husband. He was a friend to all who knew him.


And he was taken from us too soon. He passed unexpectedly leaving behind a legacy, a family and a community who feels his absence.


When these things happen, I want to do something. Cook something. Send something. Serve something. Anything to alleviate the suffering. What can I do to make it go away? This feeling that something is missing. This feeling of loss. This feeling of injustice. It's all too familiar.


I am angry. We’ve lost so much. It’s just not fair. I want them all back. All the men and fathers. All the fire fighters and soldiers. All of them.


When I asked my friend and teacher “What do we do?”, he said with clarity and urgency “LOVE YOUR PEOPLE NOW!”


What are we waiting for?


What are we waiting for to show love?

What are we waiting for to say “I am sorry”?

What are we waiting for to spend time with our loved ones?

What are we waiting for to give back to our people?

Why are we tempering our love?

Why are we afraid of too much love?

Why do we fear being needy?

Why do we pull back from touch?

Why are we not just going for it?




I say LOVE BIG. I say cling to your people. Smother them. Get attached. I say touch one another. I say tell that person (you know who I’m talking about) that you love them. Period. I say be messy with your love. I say love in a way that scares you. I say be willing to risk it all.


Do it NOW.


Love your people. That is your practice.