Meet Your Summer Camp Counselor //

Jay Fields

Jay's Approach // You are brilliant. Your vision is brilliant. Your mind is brilliant…and it’s also one of your biggest obstacles.

little jay fields.jpg

I’m not interested in helping you to solve problems. I’m interested in helping you to become fully present in your body in a way that brings you back to what you know and to the true resources you need…not what your mind thinks you know and need.

And that, I find, just happens to typically solve the problems that are in front of your face. Which is useful.

But more than that, this type of fierce embodiment work also helps you to live in a way that pre-empts future stuck places. It’s about giving you the tools to live and work in a different way. Your way.

Sure, I can (and sometimes do) pull out assessments and assignments that help you to clarify mission, vision and purpose…but the majority of our work together will be inner work. It will be looking at your vulnerabilities and your rutted thought patterns and untangling the knots your mind makes when it tries to keep you safe.

Because there’s no room for small-thinking and safety-seeking where you want to go, my dear. It’s time to get your brilliant mind on board with your body, heart and soul and make your mark.