catalyst is a stimulus for change. a commitment to the people that make it possible. and a call-to-action for a movement of personal, social and political transformation. 


The Catalyst Collective is an accelerator for mission-based individuals and organizations who want to be successful and make a difference in the world. So whether you’re launching a local project or mobilizing a global movement, we’ve got a team of radical change makers to get you there. 

Kerri Kelly is the founder of CTZNWELL, a movement to mobilize the wellbeing community into a powerful force for change. Her work was sparked on 9-11, when she lost her fireman step-dad in the towers. She quickly discovered the power of mindfulness, not just as a tool for personal healing but as a catalyst for collective change.   

The New Year is a time to recalibrate and set the tone for the year ahead. We will combine asana, meditation, music, community, and tequila for a holistically nourishing experience. Join Kerri Kelly & Trevor Exter for a powerful retreat to cleanse the body, clear the mind and catalyze change.