detox & renew

APRIL 27 - APRIL 30, 2017


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spring is a time for purification, renewal and birth. Join kerri kelly & trevor exter for a powerful retreat to cleanse the body, clear the mind and catalyze change. 

Throughout this weekend, we will embark on a transformative process of mind-body purification using the chakra system. We will combine dynamic asana, meditation and community for an experience of deep connection and awakening. The retreat provides a space that is nourishing, an experience that is intensely personal, and a environment to seed your highest intention. It will include delicious and healthy cuisine, beautiful accommodations and two detoxifying practices each day. You will leave clear, refreshed and ready to for what's next. 

#detoxrenew #youdeservethis 

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"Words are not sufficient to describe Kerri Kelly's Yoga. This is the hardest review I have ever tried to write. To say she is a good yoga instructor doesn't even scratch the surface of how she can take your mind, body and soul through a journey in 90 minutes, leaving your mind open, your body cleansed and wrung out and your soul full of light...even if you walked into her class in darkness. Kerri has been my yoga teacher in SF and  I have gone to two of her retreats in the last year...I feel truly lucky that this strong athletic and wise woman is in my world and teaches me to find joy in yoga and in myself." Nilu R.