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Inspired by the work of Off the Mat Into the World, Project Springboard is a year long training series that supports top leaders who are poised to take their emerging social change initiatives to the next level. Facilitated by experts in social innovation, training modules will build leadership capacity, program sustainability and community impact.

By connecting with diverse leaders across the yoga community, participants will develop relationships that are vital to creative project design and collective movement building. Along the way, participants will receive mentoring and coaching to support them in action-reflection learning to put new skills into practice and amplify results.

Groups begin twice per year.  The next round begins August, 2015. 

The year long program includes //

4-Day Retreat

Our retreats are the heart of the program.  It is important for participants to attend the retreat, as this is where we set the foundation and deeply connect with one another. Participants will be guided in business, movement building & somatic coaching.

The August 2015 retreat will take place at The Watershed Center in New York. The February 2016 retreat will take place in California.

6-Month Course

The first six months of the program following the retreat will be delivered through monthly group video calls, led by Kerri Kelly, Megan Lipsett, the Project Springboard faculty, and special guest lecturers. Group calls will include lecture, orientation to materials, logistics, and homework, case studies, and direct applications of practice. Monthly group training calls featuring expert speakers on fundraising, branding, social media and more. You will also be paired with a peer during this time. Peer-to-peer calls are an opportunity to connect with other springboard participants and put your personal work into practice (e.g. fleshing out your strategy or practicing your pitch). Preview the calendar, topics, and activities

6-Month Mentorship

Monthly mentor calls provide accountability and support in the completion of your goals. Mentors will help to reinforce the basic arc of your experience with the group and help you integrate that with your individual goals and needs. Mentors can support you in troubleshooting the challenges you encounter along the way. During this time, you will continue connecting through peer-to-peer calls, as well as participants-led group calls.  Preview the calendar, topics, and activities

...and more!

Tools & resources for organizing and elevating projects' broader platform to promote project, engage community and multiply efforts. You will have activities and readings to do after every session.  The group calls will present the material, the coaching calls will help you dive into it, and the peer-to-peer calls will give you a chance to get shit done! You will have access to online resources, tools, and videos to support you along the way. Preview the Project Springboard Workbook 

your guides



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Kerri Kelly, Founder, Head coach

Kerri Kelly is the founder of Catalyst Collective. She is a force of nature. In every move she makes, action strikes. She’s a fierce coach, whose ability to turn ideas into purpose and action is a gift. And she plays big, straddling the mindfulness and political worlds, so that the social change makers—the visionaries—she works with can mobilize and organize effectively. Kerri is recognized across communities for her inspired work to bridge transformational practice with social change and politics. She’s been instrumental in translating the tools of yoga and mindfulness into practical application and social action in the public sector, working in collaboration with community organizers, spiritual leaders and policy makers. She is a commitment to personal transformation that leads to powerful social change.

Megan Lipsett, Program Director and Coach

Megan is an Integrative Health and Wellness Educator and founder of COPIA Health, a company that provides integrative, mindful, and sustainable education to  practitioners, health care providers, and individuals. Megan is a counselor and head of the department of presence for Camp Grounded, a device-free, playful, summer camp for adults. Megan is adjunct faculty for the Integrative Health Studies MA program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Megan has nearly a decade of experience as a yoga instructor, integrative health and wellness educator, and workshop facilitator. Learn more about Megan at www.copiahealth.com

mentors and guest lecturers include:

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Heidi Seick, Democracy.com

Marianne Manilov, The Engage Network

Laura Henderson, Growing Places Indy

Amanda Struemer, World Muse

Ari Pliskin, The Stone Soup Cafe

Dawn Dalili, dawndalili.com

and more!

As a Springboard Project Leader, you will :

  • Develop next generation organizational skills
  • Enhance your project’s mission and strategy
  • Accomplish key capacity-building goals
  • Co-create mutually-supportive leader community


  • Sense of possibility, legitimacy and effectiveness that comes from being part of a network of leaders
  • Featured as a Catalyst Collective project [website, marketing, etc]
  • Gain mastery of processes that enable community connection and social innovation 
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas and share your work with peers
  • Access to transformational movement-building tools, expert videos, and well-selected resources. 


  • Forward the Collective’s mission of using the power of yoga to inspire and ignite social change 
  • Apply your learning to enhance your project 
  • Fully participate in all training calls, coaching sessions and other Springboard offerings 
  • Affiliate organization with Catalyst Collective Projects
  • Provide mentoring and general support for future Project Springboard Leaders 
  • Contribute to the development of this program through full participation in feedback loops and ongoing evaluation
  • Provide testimonials, project narratives and a project summary report 
  • Identify, recruit and train new leaders within your own project, your community and the wider network
  • Attend group lectures with Guest Facilitators, mentor calls, peer-to-peer calls and retreat

pricing & registration


Our financial model is "pay it forward". Previous Springboard participants have contributed funds to allow you to be able to attend the retreat right away, and then make affordable monthly payments ($205 / monthly over the twelve months of the program).


STEP 1: Complete an application

STEP 2: Submit initial registration fee ($250) by August 1st. 


How I got “Springboarded” 

by Meka Sales [ Project Springboard Participant 2012-2013 ]
Upon entering the program I was feeling very “not enough” and to be truthful, I still struggle with that feeling, thankfully to a lesser extent. I also suffer from “I’m not like the others” which is just another version of “not enough” (hmmm just figured that one out ) So these revelations are relevant because upon arriving at Saratoga Springs I was embraced with full on love, compassion and acceptance. This enabled me to ease in and allow me to think clearly, creatively, courageously. I received great feedback, instruction and reflection.  
 I got home and was immediately sucked right back into my daily life and eventually all those limiting feelings came rushing back but I was able to draw upon my experience with my fellow Springboarders and draw strength to keep my head up and move forward. Being at the retreat solidified my commitment to my cause and that knowing guided me along my path. Whenever I wanted to give up, I connected back to myself and remembered my resolve to see this through.
Hands down, without Springboard, Be A Blessing would still be in the planning phase. My coach, Melody Moore, was so engaged and challenged me with hard questions while offering loving support. At this stage in Be A Blessing’s development the real test was about my leadership and how could I keep bringing my collaborators back to their original intent and hold them accountable. Basically, I had to do for them what I was struggling to do for myself. It created this very uncomfortable tension at times and I’m still not entirely sure how they all truly felt about the whole experience, but we accomplished what we set out to do. 
Part of our mission is to demonstrate a new way of giving back. We wanted to showcase how small circles of friends can use their professional talents to impact an organization. We used social media to promote our model and our first service project simultaneously and had great response from our networks. We engaged 50 donors who provided about $3,000 worth of school supplies for our selected organization. We also established a relationship with the organization – another goal – and are planning a lighter touch service project for December. We’ve received positive feedback from our network and have even been asked to consult others as they develop their philanthropic projects.