SECTION 1: Getting Started

Setting Goals, Letting Go

SMART Goal-Setting Worksheet

SECTION 2: Theory and Vision

Your DNA: Theory of Change

The Golden Circle

Reading: Six Theory of Change Pitfalls to Avoid

Assessment: The Four Perspectives Topics

SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Mapping the Journey

SECTION 3: Resourcing

The Art of Enough: Taking Inventory Topics

Taking Inventory Worksheet

Getting from Here to There...

Quickbooks (resource for creating budget-to-actual reports)

Soul of Money: Re-framing Fundraising

Budget Planning

Soul of Money book review by Trent Hamm

** Mid-Way Assessment **

SECTION 4: Leadership & Team-building

Stand Out: Archetypal Leadership

Building Teams & Culture

Art of Organizing People & Power

SECTION 5: Growth & Sustainability

Change Management: Organizational Life Cycles Topics

Reading: Organizational Lifecycles

Corporate Lifecycles Overview

Sustainable Scaling: Smart Growth & Sustainability

Sustainable Scaling Worksheet

Project Strategy Worksheet

SECTION 6: Storytelling & Pitch

Art of Pitching: Finding Your Voice and Your Guts Topics’s Toolkit

Cultivating a Strong Center: Brand Identity and Differentiation Topics

SECTION 7: Commitments

Well-being for all

Being a Catalyst and a Commitment