Kerri Kelly is amazing. Her Catalyst coaching methods have transformed my project from a local passion to a national movement. The understanding I've gained around strategic planing, budgets & fundraising have not only elevated my non profit organization,  they have also inspired growth and stability in my private / professional work. Kerri knows exactly what questions to ask and where to push [ just a little ] to get me to my growing edge. And she seamlessly offers these practical applications, while always distilling it back down to my organizations mission. I find her work to be invaluable. 

Terri Cooper CEO 305 Yoga & Outreach, Founder of YogaGansters


The Catalyst coaching method is nothing short of brilliant. It's wholistic mind, body, values and heart based approach has helped transform my organization from a small scale local operation to an international community. When I think of Catalyst Founder, Kerri Kelly, the word that first comes to mind is gifted. More than a mere reflection of her work, this word reflects the person.  Her keen and creative mind, understanding of the collaborative process, and exceptional and uncanny ability to ask the right questions, at the right time, for the right reason, with the right attitude, has made working with Catalyst a pure, productive joy. I'm deeply grateful for her willingness to share the gift.

R. Nikki Myers Founder Y12SR / Yoga of 12 Step Recovery


CATALYST is truly the perfect word to describe Kerri and her work.  She is an agent of change, possessing that unique ability to channel her passion and motivation to those whom have the privilege of working with her.  Her eclectic background (I know her from her corporate days) have equipped her with the skills to root transformation and realization into tangible action.  She has helped open my consciousness to the things that matter to me and kept me accountable for the plan on how to realize them.  It's clear that Kerri is intended to help others achieve their potential.  

Brandon G. Strategist, Google


Kerri Kelly's compassion, creativity, and  positive energy is contagious, and with her support and encouragement, I was able to manifest my vision and passion into a reality. Her understanding and appreciation of the power and infinite potential of each individual inspired me to move into the bigger version of myself and the limiting beliefs that were holding me back became obsolete. She is a leader of leaders who understands the importance of continued commitment to personal evolution and collaboration. Kerri is unique in that she is  skilled in coaching both  personal transformation as well as business and non-profit development. This combination of self-inquiry and practical experience is the key to the success of her coaching technique. With Kerri's support and guidance I not only gained the skills to create a sustainable project, but I also came to believe that anything is possible!

Gwen Soffer


I have benefited from working with Catalyst, both personally and professionally. Kerri's coaching has inspired me to grow as an individual as well as the leader of an organization. I have been able to see my inherent strengths more clearly, as well as recognize my challenges and trigger spots as places of growth rather than places of stagnation. The mindfulness components allow this coaching program to go deeper to a truly transformational level.

Amanda Stuermer